AB InBev headquarters to remain in Leuven


AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world, confirmed in a press release today that its headquarters will remain in Leuven, also after the planned takeover of SABMiller.

The AB InBev and SABMiller shareholders still need to give their definitive approval for the merger of the two beer giants. This is expected to take place on 10 October. In the meantime, AB InBev has already made the new organisational structure widely known.

The fact that it appears that Leuven will still be the setting for the headquarters of AB InBev after the merger is no great surprise. The brewing tradition in the capital city of the Flemish Brabant province goes back more than 600 years, and the city was also home to the legendary Den Hoorn brewery. 

It goes without saying that Leuven inhabitants are particularly proud of the fact that the headquarters of one of the biggest companies in the world is based in their city. Moreover, the extra prestige that this bestows on a city numbering one hundred thousand inhabitants is not to be underestimated.

AB InBev and SABMiller already occupy the top two spots in the rankings of the world's largest brewers. After the planned merger, the beer group will have an even bigger lead over the other major beer producers, including Heineken and Carlsberg. AB InBev currently has more than 200 beer brands in its portfolio, including the global brands Stella Artois, Budweiser and Corona.