AB InBev continues to invest in green energy


Aiming to arrive at 100% of renewable energy by 2025, the brewing group has installed 2,117 solar panels on the roofs of its Stella Artois brewery in Leuven.

Concerned about reducing its impact on the environment, the leading brewing group in the world is picking up the pace of its sustainable development policy. As Manager of Stella Artois Alexander Soenen explains, "We recently announced that we would invest in the largest non-subsidised solar farm in Europe that will cover 100% of the electricity requirements of our breweries in Western Europe and, therefore, also in Belgium. Because our sustainable development goal is to switch to 100% of renewable energy by 2025." 

After installing solar panels at its Hoegaarden site last year, as for Jupille in 2016, a further step has now been taken by AB InBev with the installation of 2,117 similar panels on the roof of the Stella Artois brewery in Louvain. It is estimated that 576,000 kWh of green energy will be produced a year from this 3,800 m² surface area. This is equivalent to the energy needed to produce almost 8 million 25 cl bottles of beer that prevents the emission of at least 139 tonnes of CO2 each year.