100% charged anywhere with Naki Power


Do you leave home with a dead smartphone battery? Brussels start-up Naki Power will get you out of trouble with its innovative solution - a network of charged battery terminals.

Portable and universal external batteries in busy places, such as bars, cafes, hotel receptions, train stations, airports, shopping centres, university campuses, festivals, concert halls and hair salons, will save the absent-minded a lot of hassle. Between eight and 50 smartphone-sized units are installed together on small pedestals or larger poles, with three connection cables for all sorts of appliances, including phones, headphones and electronic cigarettes. Brussels alone has 400 charging points; Europe has 2,000. All major Belgian SNCB stations are equipped, as are Sweden, France, Germany and Spain. This makes a total of some 8,000 to 10,000 batteries. It is possible that the whole world will take an interest in this within a few years.

Users log on via the app and locate the nearest Naki Power charging station. They enter their payment method via the app, scan the QR code and the battery is released. They can either recharge it on the spot or take it with them, for example to Stockholm airport. The rental period does not end until they return it. It can be compared to the shared bike or scooter system.

Price is not a problem, as you pay €1 for the first 30 minutes, up to a maximum of €6 for 24 hours.