Belgian restaurants among the best in the world


Belgian restaurants remain some of the best in the world. Belgium is still among the best culinary countries in the world, according to the most recent gastronomic rankings in 2017. According to critics ‘Hof van Cleve’ is the country's standout restaurant.

The well-known food website ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ has included three Belgian restaurants in its 2017 Top 100. The highest ranked Belgian restaurant is ‘Hof van Cleve’ at 53rd place. Just below is ‘The Jane’, a trendy restaurant located in the former chapel of the Antwerp Military Hospital. Also on the list is ‘Hertog Jan’ in Bruges run by Gert De Mangeleer, jumping to number 73.

Belgian chefs also stand out in the Top 200 Classical Restaurants in Europe published by the review website Opinionated About Dining (OAD). No fewer than six restaurants appear on the list of exemplary restaurants that are operated by chefs who have consistently served the same style of cuisine for the past twenty-five years. ‘Hof van Cleve’, run by 3 Michelin-starred chef Peter Goossens, claims 15th place. Also included in the Top 100 are Yve Mattagne's Sea Gril (56), Lionel Rigolet's Comme Chez Soi (68) and Roger Van Damme's Het Gebaar (86).


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