Brussels hosts the BANAD Festival

16 March 2017 - 26 March 2017

The first BANAD festival, focused on Art Nouveau and Art Deco, will take place in Brussels. The event is scheduled from 11 to 26 March and will then be held in Brussels every spring.

With its theme covering the two major architectural styles seen in Brussels, the festival is unique on the European continent. Formerly known as the "Art Nouveau and Art Deco Biennial", the festival is now called BANAD: Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco.

A wide range of activities are planned for the first event including some exceptional indoor visits that have been organised for the occasion. These include the chance to discover school, industrial and public buildings but also private houses. Furthermore, the festival offers a selection of tours, on foot, by car or by bike in order to present different worlds, always based on the same theme. The programme also features concerts, film screenings and exhibitions. The festival therefore gives a detailed presentation of Brussels' architectural wealth and will certainly satisfy the expectations of its future visitors.

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